Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I have been busy!!

My favorite Dresser EVER!!
Hey there!
I know I missed last weeks "before and after" but I have been crazy busy!! I know we all have been but between the furniture, the family, the animals( i have a small farm in my house) and then ME TIME it just was too much!!
 I am glad to catch my breath for a few and share with you some great transformations that I have done since June.. I will focus on one of my FAVORITE Clients ( now great friend) Christy from Cota De Caza.. Yes, Cota is where they film the OC Housewives ;)  BUT Christy is far from that BS!! She is a great caring person that has beauty not just on the outside but the inside as well. I have come to know/ meet the whole family .. They are all just a great "grounded" family ... Just LOVE their energy :)
 Ok, Enough butt kissing ;) lol Here are some of my projects that I have done for The Nelsons.  Message me if you have any technical questions. Christy is a BIG fan of Martha Stewart's "Heavy Cream " paint color and it looks so great in her beautiful house..
Gross dirty old desk with 3 different coats of paint
Beautiful Turquoise Chippy finish!!
Farmhouse Table

Yep, I use my Paint scrapper A LOT!!
Plant Stand
Good little plant stand  :) Was dark Mahogany

Queen Chair
Queen Throne BEST MAKEOVER!! I loved this chair!!

Vintage Bankers Chair

Antique Dresser with beautiful carvings. Christy added her own hardware later 
I am looking forward to working with Cristy for a while .. She has asked me to refinish her HUGE Dining room table and 8 chairs.. I am hoping to have a studio soon  I can work on this without a huge mess in my driveway LOL