Friday, September 2, 2011

My Favorite Drexel Piece

I picked up this little Drexel brand buffet for a song because it had some major water damage on the top and the finish was brittle and crumbling.   I went to see it (found it on CL), of course I acted like I wasn't sure if it was going to workout and that usually makes the seller come down on the price a little without me even having to ask! SCORE for ME!
Sorry I FORGOT to take a full before photo^

 The top didn't need a chemical stripper since the finish was so brittle it was easy to sand off with 80# sandpaper and then I re-stained is with a Drk Walnut Stain.
After getting the top under control I stripped off the hardware (gave them a bath in a baking soda vinegar potion I use)  Then painted them with my fav  Satin Oil-Rubbed Bronze Paint and Primer in 1  I love that it has a primer in it already..Let those sit over night.

After I primed the body with Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Primer
 I painted it Martha Stewart  "Heavy Cream" it's one of my Go-to colors!
 For the finishing touch I used a tobacco colored glaze in all the moldings and detail pieces and followed with a Rub on Clear Satin Poly

Hope this inspires you to save a vintage piece and make it a beautiful piece for your home !

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  1. Simply FABULOUS!!

    Deborah (visiting happily again from

  2. You are so talented, very nicely done!

  3. one word, gorgeous! i just became your newest follower :)